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  1. Worms Open Warfare 2, coming this July!
  2. WOW 2 DS in ONM May issue (issue 16)!
  3. Worms Open Warfare 2
  4. Info, details, shots...
  5. Open Warfare 2 landscape themes
  6. Trailer
  7. Looking great so far
  8. Any news on a US release date? :P
  9. Question about the Dual Screens
  10. Maps / Storage limitations
  11. Sentry Gun!!!
  12. Boxart
  13. Keen Rumble Pak owner just wondering...
  14. helllo every1
  15. Team17 open for suggestions?
  16. Press is starting...
  17. What version of Open Warfare 2 are you getting?
  18. New hands-on of worms open warfare 2 from gamespot
  19. Screenshots
  20. Baseball bat?
  21. Release Date
  22. Concrete Donkey Video
  23. The Rope In DS.....
  24. Weapons and Items // Schemes?
  25. warfare 1 themes in warfare 2?
  26. PSP And DS online?
  27. Lighting strike
  28. Armageddon
  29. Playing online with PSP... please help!
  30. Questions about the game and online play.
  31. So our worms names wont be seen online?
  32. Hopes are down
  33. Strange question.. (about DS Version)
  34. The Lighning Strike's best use
  35. What should I get?
  36. questions about airstrikes
  37. can i [hit mines with bats in this game]?
  38. about the map
  39. A list of maps
  40. What should I get?
  41. Unkown Trailer
  42. Unlockable content?
  43. Holy Hand granade changes
  44. DS Versions Online Features? (and other Q's)
  45. strange question about health crates:
  46. No Baseball Bats?!?!?!?!?!?
  47. Team 17, Tribes, and THQ - Who does what?
  48. What will be your Worms Names?
  49. on worms open warfare 2, can you... [design your own weapons like in worms 4 mayhem?]
  50. custom map sharing (in psp)
  51. DS and PSP link online?
  52. New Video
  53. Last 35-40 days until it hit's stores!
  54. Custom maps in DS, how will they work
  55. First review
  56. Why no snowflakes effect?
  57. lightsider or darksider?
  58. PSP Demo?
  59. Bunker Buster
  60. Release Date
  61. THE countdown thread!
  62. The DS Wi-Fi Friend Code Thread
  63. Switching between worms
  64. Opinions on the demo
  65. the unnoficial psp infrastructure handle thread.
  66. Any BnG'ers on here?
  67. do we unlock the weapons
  68. Item shop
  69. Tv Advert
  70. hidden weapons?
  71. Chat in DS w/ Friends and Enemies?
  72. where i reserve?
  73. rolling grenade
  74. DS Demo
  75. Question for Team17 [Adjusting crates]
  76. Found a Glitch in the demo.
  77. Top 5 Overall?
  78. Why don't sites update the release date?
  79. Scales of Justice
  80. Worms Font
  81. Will the banana bomb be less bouncy this time around?
  82. is it true??? [more inane release date questions]
  83. Leaderboards
  84. First Review (PSP Version)
  85. W:OW 2 first impressions(read this)
  86. I Have The Pal Wow:2 Its Awesome
  87. Are You Getting The DS Version Or The PSP One?
  88. Does anyone else miss the drill weapon?
  89. Bug in WOW:2
  90. Online?
  91. worms open warfare puzzle 27
  92. Who Wants To Battle!
  93. Ds Worm Select?
  94. Well it's now stated......:(
  95. Very Kool!
  96. Custom Schemes Online?
  97. Whats wrong with best buy?
  98. Was it released today?
  99. Where are the leaderboards?
  100. Ign Review is up Looking Good!
  101. Unable to conenct to Wormnet
  102. Quick question's on Friends and Rivals list
  103. [PSP] Cool thing about the replays ^^ -big images inside-
  104. The % by our names in lobbys.
  105. Online Hosting Problems
  106. Pushed Back To Semptember 18th?!?!?!
  107. to T17: major bug found
  108. HELP! Stuck on level 25 on story mode.
  109. Target Impossible?
  110. Looks Like Most Of You Have The PSP Version
  111. is every worm on ur team on wifi match a different person controlling their own worm
  112. do u host games or do u get into random games and one of u chooses a game mode
  113. Wi-fi on ds and psp
  114. Puzzle 1 and 5 from the shop! VERY DIFFICULT!
  115. New clan
  116. Leaderboards
  117. Suggestion: Separate boards.
  118. PSP vers. Puzzle 5 - I'm stuck
  119. Hacker Found.
  120. Online Team Names?
  121. IGN said the game is great...
  122. Version exclusives, my appologies, but this is confusing...
  123. Online Multiplayer Names?
  124. PSP Downloads?
  125. Playing online games on the PSP.
  126. DS - Single card out of sync :(
  127. Statistics
  128. How often are the Ranking's Updated?
  129. Favourite weapons!!!
  130. Online Ranked Race
  131. Max player limit in a clan? (PSP)
  132. im not sure exactly what the release date is...
  133. A clan, but not just a clan.. (PSP Version)
  134. Separate DS and PSP forums open at Dream17
  135. question about worms armageddon and worms world party
  136. Aim doesn't feel quite right
  137. a daft question
  138. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Links to popular topics
  139. What happened to the Psp Ign review?
  140. Playing me? I don't think so...
  141. does any one like the DS version
  142. Ranked Play Exploit
  143. Reviews
  144. Thank you Team17 and Two Tribes!
  145. What versions are the staff members getting?
  146. Bugg of the game[online]
  147. Enormous raps with the Online Feature for the PSP Version and other things.
  148. Landscape editor on PC?
  149. Team name display
  150. Flag generator
  151. Ranks
  152. Forgot the password
  153. Fact: The Execution of the Online Mode for the PSP Version is absolutely Horrific.
  154. Rumor: U.S. release date (for DS) pushed back?
  155. Features I'd Like To have in the website..
  156. Team use during online
  157. Ranking
  158. PSP ad-hoc wireless lag - why?
  159. Post Your Flag Designs Here!
  160. help for unlocked puzzle 2
  161. Love the game, but Forts.... (DS ver.)
  162. can't sign in
  163. Lab mode
  164. Canadian Worms?
  165. Disconnection stat (DS version)?
  166. Headset (Online?)
  167. puzzle campaign chrono locked??
  168. suggestion for infrastucture (psp)
  169. Just had the worst online experience.
  170. ummm. wth
  171. what does this mean on back of case
  172. Does this make any sense at all?
  173. DS Blast Unlockable Lv. 2
  174. mission 15 help!!
  175. How do you use ninja rope + weapons
  176. What wars would you have liked to have seen in this game?
  177. Low and behold, ever MORE frustration online!
  178. Draw mode
  179. Legit players List (PSP)
  180. Just got the DS vesion, Props and Critique here...
  181. Puzzle 12
  182. Technical questions to Two Tribes about the game...
  183. Ranked Races
  185. How Could They Ruin Ranked Matches So Badly?
  186. suggestion to speed up weapon selection
  187. Team please Patch Aiming reticule on Worms Open warfare 2 PSP
  188. challenge 23
  189. PSP or DS version
  190. No worm selector?
  191. [HELP] Puzzle 18
  192. Percentage Problem... Please Clear this up!
  193. Share your good matches here!
  194. Come on, where are the real multiplayer matches? (DS)
  195. Flag question
  196. Points question on DS
  197. Problem with Leaderboards not updating. [PSP. Inc. profanity filter issues]
  198. yay!! i got it
  199. I have a few Q's
  200. Stupid question about rounds
  201. Please tell me... [Font used in WOW2]
  202. Major Flak Bug
  203. little disapointed due to lack of worm costumisation
  204. WOW2 online with PSP
  205. This game stinks because there is no Ming Vase weapon!!
  206. Time Attack 1 - Your time ?
  207. Such little space for the map editor
  208. putting hats on your worms?
  209. Rate Worms Open Warfare 2: DS version
  210. Rate Worms Open Warfare 2: PSP version
  211. Help me!
  212. ok seriously wtf please help me
  213. Curious how to connect to wormnet.
  214. What does the pink arrow next to my name mean?
  215. BEWARE: The sentry can attack your own team color
  216. Interview with Two Tribes
  217. Arggg Online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  218. Limited online gametypes, WHY! Have the years of WA/WWP just not happened?!
  219. Question about online medals
  220. WormNet Maintenance?
  221. Puzzle 22 (Ds)
  222. im to confused
  223. Shop ever get new items?
  224. Fmv's
  225. Question for TwoTribes concerning the game engine
  226. HELP! Is my game defective? [DS]
  227. Who decides ranked match schemes?
  228. Infrastructure won't accept my profile password
  229. when will they have downloads for the psp?
  230. Leaderboard Website
  231. Mission 19!
  232. Problem connecting [DS]
  233. Who can solve Puzzle 17 for me?
  234. What's with the buffalo anyways?
  235. LOL at CoSyTo on the Leaderboards of the PSP Version with 999,999,999.
  236. Add me on the DS!!
  237. Landscape Codes
  238. Where are the Worms Lost/killed, games won etc. on the PSP version?
  239. Yet more Internet confusion [Buddies online status]
  240. Dear Hidden Village.
  241. Whatever happened to bug-testing?
  242. Replays in DS
  243. Wait... No hats in the DS version? Really?
  244. Pros/Cons of the DS and PSP versions
  245. OMG wlan switch is really annoying!
  246. ACT IMAGINE Video Codec...
  247. buffalo V.S Donkey
  248. The Final Puzzle...PSP...Help!
  249. Looking for Fort Mode players
  250. Great AI Moves