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  24. Just a note on what is causing the freezing.
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  26. Team17 Please Why!
  27. Local league table from Worms PS1, can we have it back?
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  30. Plz Release this game on Steam.
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  32. The Mic Thing
  33. Things that have not been fixed in the patch...
  34. Custom soundtracks?
  35. What is included in this update!!
  36. Anyone downloaded the new patch yet its out now
  37. Speech samples haven't been used properly since Worms 3D
  38. Why in gods name can't I play with a friend online with 1 PS3?
  39. Flags, graves, speechbanks, maps and schemes
  40. GeT_BeTTiED Number 1 And Gud Friend
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  43. I'm a bit disappointed with this game
  44. Very very very weird glitch (and creepy)
  45. Maps -Share the best codes!
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  48. what on earth is going on
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  50. Constant game drops so FRUSTRATING!
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  52. I would love a level code generator...
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  54. how do i view my stats
  55. Armageddon for PS3?
  56. Bring back some classic weapons
  57. New mines behaviour
  58. I love the "Female Computer" voice in "Worms" for PS3! Is there any way to get it for
  59. Team 17 you have GOT to do something about quitters! Please!
  60. PS2 WWP shaky picture
  61. ps2 problem
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  63. Old School W:A players on PS3
  64. Joining/hosting Game problems.
  65. PSN 'can't connect to servers'
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  67. Lose video while playing worms on PS3
  68. Worms PSN Beta Testers Needed
  69. Can't Wait for this game
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  71. Did any 1 get email yet ?
  72. Any News On The Beta
  73. multiplayer in armageddon
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  75. Connection fall in any match online
  76. NAT Type and game hosting
  77. ports needed to open
  78. is it fair we're always last to get Worms ?
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  80. Concrete donkeys
  81. When is worms 2: Armaggedon coming to psn!!!!
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  83. Caps or not ??
  84. not a good start.
  85. Worms 2 : Armageddon - Things to be fixed, improved or added
  86. team statistics & unused weapon slots
  87. what should or can i do ?
  88. Mimicing crazy crates
  89. What's happend when someone brack the connection ?
  90. Can't play multiplayer online with PS3
  91. What is a good site to add players online?
  92. hidden weapons?
  93. complete lack of voices customization
  94. Battle pack dlc
  95. The Battle Pack for Worms 2 Armaggedon doesn't work
  96. Here! Post your PSN Portable ID so we can play!
  97. worms armageddon battle pack is not fixed
  98. List of Quitters (People to avoid)
  99. help need some online ps3 worms buddys
  100. Help with hande missiles trick
  101. add me on ps3!
  102. New rope/jetpack race levels?
  103. Am i the only one who has this issue?
  104. Software update for PS3 wrecked my game!
  105. retro map pack psn
  106. What did the update do?
  107. PS3: How do I use landscapes from the shop in online mode?
  108. Constant freezing since update, fix this !!!!!
  109. 4 dlc
  110. Feature Request: Players Met
  111. No Retro Speech Banks?
  112. Worms™ Crazy Golf (PS3, iPhone/iPad and PC)
  113. People hosting and not doing anything