View Full Version : what should or can i do ?

1 Oct 2010, 17:52
i always play fort with 2 players i love fort a lot,when i search for a game & noone is hosting one i get the chance to be the host & when i'm the host it takes about 2-3 minutes to find an opponent which is not bad,the problem is sometime when i search for a fort 2 player game i find a host but he does not start the game so i can't play & i cant host because someone else is hosting. what should or can i do in this situation ? it's been almost an hour & the host will not start the match !! looks like he's gone out & left his Ps3 on !!

i feel sorry for all those who want to play FORT but can't because of selfish hosts like this one.Team17 must do something about it.

2 Oct 2010, 15:47
Unfortunately that happens occasionally. I usually just try to play a different game mode when this happens.

I'm pretty sure the xbox 360 version suffered from this problem as well but since I don't have a 360 I don't know if they've patched it there yet. There is not much we can do unfortunately, other than hope for a patch from Team17 someday. I wish they'd just give us a server browser.