View Full Version : Mic issues

1 Apr 2009, 03:02

I've played several times with three of my friends online and we are having major Microphone issues/problems, only two of us can talk to each other, while the two others can only hear. If we are lucky the ones that couldn't speak are able to speak, disconnecting the ones that could for a minute or two then it they get disconnects again and goes back to the first two that could.

We love the game, hopefully a patch will come out to allow all microphones to work properly at all times.


8 Apr 2009, 17:04
yeah the voice chat issues have been pretty frustrating as I love playing with 3 of my friends, and having only 2 people be able to talk at random is disappointing...

9 Apr 2009, 03:28
I believe this started happening just a few days ago, it's a bug that is being felt by everyone, so you're not alone.

9 Apr 2009, 12:19
Plenty of people have reported this issue and it's pretty much as designed as far as I can tell (although I didn't work on the game so don't take my word for it). There's a discussion on the Facebook page (in the Worms for PS3 discussion thread) where one of the programmers explains why it is set up the way it is.