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  1. INFO - Bugs & Technical Issues
  2. [BUG]My reinforcements doesn't reload if I'm not online on the game
  3. [BUG]AI worms stuck and they wait till the time drops out
  4. [BUG]my reinforcement doesn't reload
  5. [BUG] Health stays at 100
  6. [BUG]Revenge
  7. Tutorial lighting and collision detection
  8. [BUG] Disconnected from the game
  9. Multiple emails, not thanks
  10. feedback from tonights special play
  11. [Bug?]Unable to use Bazooka or punch when battling professor
  12. [BUG] Game tied
  13. Game stock
  14. Won't Load
  15. Dragonball strike has to affect multiple worms
  16. Sometimes a weopne doesnt fire after pressing SPACE
  17. [Bug/Annoyance] Flying Visit with No Friends
  18. weapons all gone
  19. Fatality without benefits
  20. Holy Hand Grenade Stuck
  21. Shotgun sprite duplication
  22. [Bug]Gift from friends
  23. Tutroial Error
  24. the professor keeps walking
  25. more glitching
  26. Fatality sound always plays twice
  27. experience hats
  28. Player names not in sync
  29. frozen timer, and endless walking into wall
  30. Player got two shots in a row
  31. Complete stall after taking my turn
  32. Stats not tracking
  33. [BUG]AI uses only Fire Punch
  34. Accuracy
  35. All worms dead.
  36. Glitches with Double kills
  37. [BUG] - Task Counter
  38. Game loaded the battle twice
  39. Game froze
  40. AI character making noise but not moving on screen
  41. Worms say "ouch" in beginning of their turn
  42. Says I need Flash Player but I already have it
  43. Premature shots?
  44. [BUG] Homing missile
  45. Anther bug
  46. Bugs
  47. Random weapon use, and wrong weapon selection.
  48. My worm has teleported after shooting him
  49. Fire Punch sound bug
  50. I can not see the name of the opponent.
  51. Strange use of a weapon by a computer.
  52. The game was stuck on the "joining game"
  53. Game just ended for no apparent reason
  54. mistery gift
  55. Another two bugs
  56. 7th challange error
  57. 6th Challenge
  58. Worm saying "Leave me alone" on selfmade fall damage
  59. Playing two challenges sometimes crashes the game
  60. Can someone explain to me that? Haha
  61. decreased money
  62. Post battle weapon ad wont go away
  63. Losing gold when logging out
  64. "You are here" scaled down overlay during the game
  65. Worm on the right side is in the air.
  66. Linux Chrome
  67. Chicken-kong challenge took 17 reinforcements.
  68. Worm has failed to die and the match got stuck
  69. i never got my cheese head
  70. Not going well tonight
  71. [LAG] Having major lag issues when playing against AI
  72. Loss of reinforcements/XP/coins earned when desconnected
  73. Graphical bug with granade
  74. missing reinforcements
  75. Core bug in the synchronization of count of XP, Coins, Credits, Reinforcements...
  76. worm in water
  77. Percentage wrong? item Diver + 40% Coins
  78. Pressing "Gift back" crashes IE 10
  79. professor attacks himself
  80. Drop-A-Holic Achievement not working?
  81. Turn bug
  82. Cannot move worms
  83. Game got stuck after the shotgun was fired
  84. Time stuck on zero or 1 second
  85. Clock countdown madness
  86. worms is running very slow
  87. Levelling up, and losing worms...
  88. Returning to previous level and losing reinforcements
  89. Issue with dynamite
  90. Sometimes, you play vs an AI in the Random Battles
  91. Respawn after killed
  92. Final bonus Window
  93. Cannot load the game
  94. The game stuck after opponent turn.
  95. Issues with the new Battle Results ver 0.0.138 : 19/09/2012 11:25
  96. Hat changed
  97. can't finish a game today....
  98. I cannot access the game on facebook
  99. Winning a battle, but still losing worms?
  100. Sprite of standing on air
  101. Blowing myself up
  102. worm says "Missed!"
  103. "Drop-A-Holic" Achievement
  104. No fatality bonus
  105. Achievements
  106. Achievements and ammo are gone
  107. Banana bug
  108. Issues with Hats
  109. [bug] No weapons
  110. Cross-game after failing to start the multiplayer match
  111. Game stole my hats!!
  112. Error of account
  113. Bazooka blows up in your face
  114. I found the mistake of weapons, quests and items
  115. Dont recive XP and coins for killing opponent's worm
  116. Baseball bat doesn't end the turn sometimes
  117. A worm has suddenly acquired cluster bomb and was able to walk with it
  118. Teleport at start of game, then crazy timer...
  119. A dead worm has begun the turn
  120. unique gift money pack error
  121. New update
  122. "Look at me" isn't extended
  123. Missions keep showing up although finished
  124. Player stops moving but server things he's still going
  125. Red sky gone?
  126. Weapon challenges not totally clear
  127. Unable to move between shots with the shotgun
  128. Can't play worms on my Macbook
  129. Leaderboards sidebar
  130. Dragonball=instant suicide
  131. Can I play Worms Facebook without an accout?
  132. Worms on linux??
  133. Problem with gift page
  134. Life points bug
  135. Game won't load
  136. It's impossible to interrumpt a Homing Missile or Air Strike after selecting target
  137. "3, 2, Boom!" Task steals my weapons...
  138. Island Buliding Task....
  139. The right border of island stickies an island object
  140. The game got stuck after an air strike
  141. The island failed to load
  142. My island got messed up
  143. Buying Coins and Credits
  144. Match Freezing and Long Loading Time for Matches
  145. Hit detection with bazooka
  146. Missing worm credits/acheivement
  147. Victory bug?!
  148. Rematch bug
  149. Skip rope bug
  150. Airstrike at end of battle bug
  151. Space bar not registering while holding an arrow key
  152. Loading issue
  153. Businessman never goes away
  154. The game is lagging :(
  155. Bazooka and grenade possible bug?
  156. I can't enter the game!
  157. Something weird was going on..
  158. worm wont stop moving!
  159. Delayded detonation
  160. Play Worms behind a firewall
  161. Banana freeze
  162. Captcha...
  163. Lost credits
  164. Game gets mesh-blacked out after trying to send gifts...
  165. Bugs with Inviting Friends and Gifting
  166. Non-stop Banana Bomb!
  167. Disappearing Credits/ Missing XP (+sulk quest glitch?)
  168. 'border-detection'? = still blowing myself up when it doesn't seem possible...
  169. The game is not loading
  170. 2 bug founds!
  171. Another two bugs found!
  172. Weekly chalenges does not count points!
  173. Sound Bug - ''Miss'' when it hits
  174. Where are the missions???
  175. challenges wont load
  176. Missing coins
  177. Spooky tasks skip button
  178. Lost Devil Horns Hat
  179. Rematch button never works...
  180. Moving around items when Editing Islands...
  181. Tombstones
  182. peculiar load error
  183. Have you lost credits??
  184. I can't enter the challenges menu.
  185. Challenges have wrong discription!
  186. Two bugs found in bot system
  187. Online game does not load
  188. Levelled up, played game, then lost many worms...
  189. Bot bugs using BANANA BOMB
  190. Spooky shot - Problem
  191. Who needs friends task
  192. jump and active previous weapon bug
  193. Clock keeps getting stuck vs. bots
  194. Buying coins in local currency...
  195. Call in the Rain Achievement...
  196. Daily Bonus not being nice to me...
  197. I broke the Challenge lol... it actually kinda sorta froze actually...
  198. Looking at too many Islands? (freeze)
  199. Lots of Freezing going on durring battles...
  200. Worms disappeared
  201. Uzi and Shotgun bot bug
  202. I win but it shows surrender
  203. Starting first or second...
  204. Impossible tasks
  205. shootgun bug
  206. Missing coins twice within the past 24 hours
  207. Game ended without ending screen
  208. Who Needs Friends task
  209. Can't get into Challenges?
  210. late kill made the game freeze..
  211. grenade caused 0 damage
  212. Halloween hats, weapons etc...
  213. "Who needs friends" task incorrect completion
  214. Can't play against friends
  215. Business man appeared during match
  216. bug report
  217. Problem with new enlarged scenery
  218. Kicked from the match...
  219. Weekly challenges stuck
  220. Stuck at first page
  221. sheep skin color - black or brown
  222. İ got some big trouble
  223. Bug or cheat?
  224. Challenges coins.
  225. weekly XP earned
  226. Worm blasted to space(????)
  227. Match started with 00s, infinite banana explosion, bananas wont explode, match froze
  228. level 32 and 23 reinforcements
  229. Game stucks a lot when playing against bots
  230. 3,2 Boom in Thanksgiving - impossible to do it
  231. L...A..G...Guh
  232. No points award
  233. Mega Reinforcements Pack Fail
  234. Quitters!!!(loss of expensive weapons)
  235. Something really wrong
  236. Worms losing health without getting hit...
  237. Fall damage only on direct fall
  238. the worst freeze of all
  239. A bug...
  240. A rift in the spacetime continuum...
  241. doesnt count battles against friends
  242. The tasks are missing
  243. All my Facebook Friends have gone...
  244. in The Inbox/
  245. game didn't counted games
  246. fire punch glitch - stuck in air after a punch
  247. avatar glitch - avatar doesn't load
  248. Worms down?
  249. Max Power
  250. Cant move screen further of island