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  1. What is Worms Crazy Golf going to look like
  2. Release Dates? Announcements?
  3. Worms Crazy Golf Fun Pack (Steam)
  4. Worms Crazy Golf Fun Pack retail users (Steam)
  5. online multiplayer ?
  6. Steam Cloud?
  7. Worms Crazy Golf: Competitions, Events & more!
  8. Britannia Level 17 Crate
  9. Sound problem
  10. Old and Grey
  11. You can tap left/right arrow keys for spin control
  12. Display cut-off issue
  13. What is the skill points score ?
  14. How do you get an Albatross?
  15. The Circus is coming to town
  16. game wont fit in screen
  17. Will there come a option to play against CPU in the near future?
  18. No online for Crazy golf?
  19. Refresh rate reseted to 60Hz after game restart
  20. Rule Britannia! Weekend iOS & Mac Sale to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
  21. Please allow Worms Golf to be MULTIPLAYER
  22. Override automatic language selection?
  23. Window Mode?
  24. crash issues
  25. Error to start Worms crazy golf in steam