View Full Version : Override automatic language selection?

15 Jul 2012, 15:53
I got my copy from Steam!

Due to my location (I think) the game starts up in german!
I'd like to change it to english!

I haven't found any way to do that in-game.

Is there another way, maybe via "Steam-Launch-Options"?
Or are you planning to add a language switch in the game?

Please let me know!

Best Regards!

16 Jul 2012, 18:52
Have you tried changing the language of Steam?

17 Jul 2012, 12:04
Hi, thanks for replying!

Yes, my steam language has always been english.
So is my operating system language (windows).


24 Jul 2012, 16:55
There is probably some language setting the game gets it from, like the Regional Language setting in the Windows Control Panel (this is different from the Windows language).

Alternatively a hacky solution would be to swap the English and German languages in Steam\steamapps\common\wormsgolf2010\ zip.zip\language. :p