View Full Version : Britannia Level 17 Crate

22 Oct 2011, 18:42
How do you get this crate? I know you're supposed to use spin but its pretty much impossible. Is there a type of ball that makes it float or something?

EDIT: Forget this thread I forgot about my utilities lol, almost 100% this game now and haven't used them once.

22 Oct 2011, 22:41
@Aaronz If you make a tread and you found your answer on your own wich is awesome. You can allways delete your tread by going "Edit Tread >> Advanced >> Delete tread".

If you have more questions, you can allways ask off course *smile*


23 Oct 2011, 14:59
Shouldn't it also be possible to get this crate using a more powerful club?

23 Oct 2011, 15:10
Theres a sign post next to it with the reverse gravity utility but I couldn't get it using that, I used parachute.

I'm using all 4 Armageddon clubs (top level).