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5 Dec 2010, 21:52
Okay, so below me there's the list of everything. The Italic, bolded comments are the solutions.
"Here are the unlockables as follows...

Alien - Complete story mode with time bonuses
Cyborg - Get all fifteen trophies
Dino - Complete all non-deathmatch challenges faster than team 17
Professor - Complete story mode
Wormenstein - Complete all deathmatch challenges faster than team 17
Punk Clothes - Complete the tutorial missions
Not much to say about the costumes, just do what they say.

Animal lover - Get 200 animal kills (this accumulates throughout the game)
To get this, I suggest playing on a costume game scheme with infinity animal weapons, and do Super Animals with Double Damage in the Wormpot. Another tip is to make both teams human-controlled so you can gather one team together, then with one player from the other team, just kill them in one-shot. Thats why, in the game scheme, make each turn 90 seconds long and give infinity Worm Selects aswell.
Barrel buster - Destroy 500 barrels (this accumulates throughout the game)
Use the ninja rope to gather around much barrels, then create a chain reaction or use a Holy Hand Grenade to make all of them explode at once.
Big blast - Get 500 damage in one shot
This task is rather very easy. Get yourself a nice Wormpot filled with a Double Damage, Super Explosives and Super Clusters. Go over a worm and Holy Hand Grenade her, just make sure you're not the last of your team, because you'll die, for sure. (Trust me, tested it.)
Body count - Get 500 kills throughout the game
The animal lover gets you over a third, and I think that with the Gold Damage, it'd be easy. Just use much Double Damage and Super _____ at the Wormpot and kill every worm you see.
Bronze damage - Get 25 000 total damage throughout the game
In the Wormpot, do Double Damage and Super Explosives with another Super _____. Start killing worms. The fastest way is gathering around 6 worms together (make sure they are all human-controlled) and Holy Hand Grenade them. It should take about 9 rounds, or so.
Four bagger - Kill four worms in one shot
A very simple task. Gather around four worms and blow them all up with a Holy Hand Grenade. Should be much easier when you have Double Damage and Super Explosives and Super Clusters.
Gold damage - Get 100 000 damage throughout the game
Just like the Bronze Damage, but 35 rounds or so, instead.
Greedy worm - Collect 500 crates throughout the game
Using the Crates Everywhere Wormpot with Low Gravity should help out. Rest is at your hands. Don't forget that Inflatable Scousers, Super Sheep, Old Ladies and Sheeps can collect the crates aswell, and that you can grapple the crates towards you with Ninja Rope.
Hot foot - Dodge 500 mines throughout the game
Quick Walk and Mine Respawn help, choose which and lets start. Rest is at your hands.
Magic bullet - Kill three people with a shotgun in one turn
Seems so difficult, yet so easy. All you have to do is to gather around 4 worms, each pair standing on eachother. Get a Super Explosives and Super Firearms with Double Damage on the Wormpot, and all you have to do is simply shoot the middle of the two pairs. In my case, I shoot one pair and killed three; two drowned and one was dead from the blast. Then, killed the last survivor with the left bullet.
Rocketeer - Use 2000 jetpack fuel throughout the game.
Again, in the game scheme make infinity jetpacks. Then, just use the Jetpack whenever you like. You can also get this in the Jet Pack challenge, for every crate there gives you a boost of about 25 Fuel.
Silver damage - Get 50 000 damage throughout the game
Just like the Bronze Damage, only about 18 rounds instead of 9 or so.
The beast within - Kill three worms with one animal
Just like the four bagger, just easier.
Three bagger - Kill three worms in one shot
Just like the four bagger, just easier.
Weapon specialist - Get 8000 damage with a bazooka throughout the game
Get yourself equipped with Super Explosives, Super Firearms and Double Damage from the Wormpot. Each Bazooka Shot will do 200 damage now. About 40 rounds will do.

Boggy the kid - Complete missions 11-15
Caveworm - Complete missions 21-25
Hard hat - Complete missions 1-5
Queen of sheeba - Complete missions 16-20
Royal knight - Complete missions 6-10
Not much to say here, either.

Bubble Trouble - Buy the "darksider" weapon scheme
Holy hand grenade - Buy the "holy grail" weapon scheme
Icarus potion - Buy the "mega powers" weapon scheme
Inflatable scouser - Buy the "it's a mystery" weapon scheme
Not much to say here, either.

Special Levels:
Hold Until Re-worked - Complete Deathmatch 5
Re-Submission - Complete Deathmatch 10
Not much to say here, either.

Easter Eggs:
Easter Egg 1 - On mission 5 (Destruct and Serve), shoot the Green/Blue/Silver Delorean.
A simple silver DeLorean infront of you. Shoot the back of it, thats all. No green or blue ones.
Easter Egg 2 - On mission 10 (Nice to Siege You), Drop down behind the castle, and head into the cave at the back.
But then what? After getting behind the castle, you continue; you'll see a worm with bunny ears. That means you got the easter egg.
Easter Egg 3 - On mission 13 (Tin Can Wally), shoot the toilet behind you.
Pretty much all.
Easter Egg 4 - On mission 18 (Carpet Capers), jump into the little hole in the tower that Egg is standing on.
To be more presice, this system doesn't always work. To be 100% sure, first get all 9 weapon crates before taking the jewels. Then, you do what it says. The hole is at the bottom of the tower and inside lies a blue carpet. Walk towards there and grab the jewels.
Easter Egg 5 - On mission 22 (Escape from Tree-Rex) shoot the lower jaw/mouth of the T-Rex with the bazooka (don't shoot the platform!)
Yes, indeed.

Credit to www.gamefaqs.com for the unlockables! =D

Thanks to Plasma for the Punk Costume, and Easter Egg 2! n___n"

Challenges below:
Challenge 1 - Sniper Rifle
Not much to say about this challenge that makes a difference, simply shoot all the targets. This challenge is incredibly easy, and should take around one minute and a half. (It took me one and 31 seconds)

Bonus Time: 120 seconds. (2:00 minutes)
Try to beat my record: 91 seconds. (1:31 minutes)

Challenge 2 - Jet Pack Challenge
This challenge is a little of bothering in the last few crates, but this is a skill challenge. So after three or four attempts, it should be piece of cake. The first crate is achieveable without the jet pack, and the next two can be done in a row, since the respawn close. (the second on the gate, the third on the next gate, so you fly really, about two seconds or three.) Also, each crate gives you a nice boost of 25 jetpack fuel, so use it wisely. I managed to do it all in one turn. (One use of the inventory.)

Bonus Time: 120 seconds. (2:00 minutes)
Try to beat my record: 107 seconds. (1:47 minutes)

Challenge 3 - Super Sheep
The only annoying thing in this challenge is the fact you need to control the super sheep long-term. The one thing that makes it even harder, is that "S" is up and "W" is down, so make sure you memorize that. If you're wrong one time too much and your sheep is upside down, quickly change it, or else you'll find yourself restarting the challenge over and over. Other than that, it's easy. The last crate is a little tough, but still is achieveable.

Bonus Time: 120 seconds. (2:00 minutes)
Try to beat my record: 81 seconds. (1:21 minutes)

Challenge 4 - Icarus Potion
The challenge we all know and hate. Theres only one thing that makes it difficult, the fact you use Icarus Potion. The only problem is controlling the Icarus Potion. And how you do so? Not by tapping each millisecond to totally break your keyboard, but double-jumping each half-second. (It shouldn't be so hard, just double-jump repeatedly, but with super small breaks.) After mastering that, It's a piece of cake.

Bonus Time: 180 seconds. (3:00 minutes)
Try to beat my record: 143 seconds. (2:23 minutes)

Challenge 5 - Shotgun Challenge
That is a piece of pie, rather than a cake, simply shoot the targets. If you have problems with the movement of the crosshair, there's a method I use: After aiming, release "Q" or whatever crosshair hotkey you used, and simply click. Just make sure you left a good aim there. That way, when you click, you somewhat do it like the computer, no movements. You don't feel that, but It's really one of the better methods.

Bonus Time: 90 seconds. (1:30 minutes)
Try to beat my record: 67 seconds. (1:07 minutes)

Challenge 6 - Accuracy Challenge
Shoot the targets with poison arrow. This mission is a piece of pie, really, a cupcake if you wish. All you need is to know where to aim. If you really stink, go practice a bazooka. Since the wind is low on that mission, simply aim a little above the targets. You don't need to make sure you perfectly hit, only poison them.

Bonus Time: 270 seconds. (4:30 minutes)
Try to beat my record: 99 seconds. (1:38 minutes)

Challenge 7 - Navigation Challenge
Indeed this is a troublemaker, but for one reason only: the metal bars you need to climb. The only method to get to them is this:
First metal bar - Double jump exactly from the middle of the digger's rooftop.
Second metal bar - Carefully get your spot exactly at the first metal bar's crate drop, and double jump with a little support of "W" (forward movement).
Third metal bar - Jump over to the one near the second, then hop to the third one. The method is double-jumping and no more.
Fourth metal bar - Jump from the third to the fourth with a normal jump and support from the "W" (forward movement).
The rest is easy.

Bonus Time: 90 seconds. (1:30 minutes)
Try to beat my record: 76 seconds. (1:16 minutes)

Challenge 8 - Crate Collect Challenge
One of the easier ones, simply jump towards the ones that you are capable of easy getting, and the rest are achieved with the Ninja Rope's grappling functionality. No more, really easy.

Bonus Time: 150 seconds. (2:30 minutes)
Try to beat my record: 122 seconds. (2:02 minutes)

Credits to Dolittle! (>o.o)>

Deathmatch challenges will be put if I will feel like it, because those are matter of strategies and your thinking. Though I might help a little, but stuck on Deathmatch 7.