View Full Version : Mission Mike's Laboratory

2 Nov 2010, 22:14
Hello friends..
I want to ask about how to get done this mission. I have a big problem.. Everytime I kill the worms without making damage in the level, Mike's saying that I have destroyed something.. Can someone help me to go further :) Thank you in advance! Regards !

15 Oct 2012, 08:25
Here's a strategy to complete the mission without getting much damage :go to the highest platform in the mission and shoot the 2 worms there.After destroying them,go with your team leader to the circle right in front of him .Then go with your second teammate to thevery right circle in the map and destroy the 3rd worm.Finnally,move your 3rd teammate to thesmallest mountain with a circle on it and destroy the last worm.The last of your teammates must remain on that platform.