View Full Version : how to get the 5 secret weapons

21 Nov 2008, 01:47
(1st post)
Im gonna say you how to get the 5 secret weapons.they are:
-sentry gun(fiked machinegun that shots moving enemies)
-bovine blitz(an air strike that drops 3 cows, you select where(in a line way)
-fatkins strike(a fat guy air strike that explode when touches ground and bounce 4 times)
-alien abduction(a spaceship that abductes worms nearby target zone, turning them into aliens)
-concrete donkey(a big concrete donker that falls in the ground, exploding and bouncing)
fisrt, you need to buy all character sets on the shop.then a game style is unlocked to buy.it's name is kitchen sink(or something like that) and costs $2500.and you cant edit the ammo, delay and crate drop of them.you can just have them.
so thats it.

21 Nov 2008, 10:45
We knew this, oh, about 2 years ago?