View Full Version : Ropestyle Worms 4 mayhem?

16 Aug 2007, 12:14

I saw a bunch of videos on the internet on some sort of "Ropestyle" where you swing the ninja rope and jump in the air and then quickly establish a grider and land on it, I thought that was a really helpful trick - so I put on my Worms 4: Mayhem CD (I own a PS2), and begin trying...

The thing is: I can manage to swing a bunch of times and fly off in the air, but when I want to build a grider, I seem to never have the time to do so - as I need to press Circle first then move to the grider weapon spot then press X then X again to confirm... I can't do all of that in the short period between actually flying and landing... sometimes I can build the miserable grider but then again I have to press Circle then move back to the ninja rope spot then press X then aim at the grider and press X again to attach my rope to it...

Is there any other way I can do this on PS2? I've heard that this technique is fairly easy on the PC version of this game; as you can easily move between weapons using the mouse cursor...

Sorry if that was lengthy, hope I can find what I came here for, thanks!

17 Aug 2007, 17:43
It's probably easier to do it when you turn Low Gravity from WormPot on.