View Full Version : Worms Forts on Windows Vista?

8 Jun 2007, 22:59
like title .... is there any way to play with Worms Forts on Windows Vista?

20 Jun 2007, 21:59
Well i think moderators should know is the game playable on windows vista......

4 Sep 2007, 19:48
If there isn't a patch out there already to make it compatible, my roommate and I are working on one :D

8 Sep 2007, 03:29
Hi, i cant get worms forts undersiege to work on vista if u find or make a patch could you let me know?

18 Dec 2007, 13:49
Up !

Come on Team17, make your games compatible please ! release patchs !

22 Dec 2007, 20:17
this better not be the case. im sick of these issues (but i do love your games), im running vista and im having problems with armageddon (running under VM now), today i buy 3D and forts... getting told im using an image/iso when i try starting 3d even after sp2 and i am using the 2 cds i buy in shop today.. now i see this post and is strange.. i have a box, so far un opened of this worms forts.. it has a print saying "Vista compatible" not the sticker you see on some games, its in the print, so tell me after i finally sort out 3d im not going to have to go through all this again.. ok i can't moan to much about the other games an will put up with VM's/issues as they don't say they work on vista.. but this one does.

11 Jan 2008, 10:07
Run it on Vista by setting "Run as administrator" under compatibility options.