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7 Sep 2006, 11:12
Hey Guys i was just looking for help on some game styles i am trying to make. i am trying to make a game style for each of the previous worms games. but i don't remember any of the setting being as its been so long since i played any on the older ones. besides 3d well here are the ones i want to make

Worms( & The Directors Cut if theres anything different)
Worms 2
Worms Armageddon
Worms World Party
Any other good custom styles out there

I pretty much need all the setting for the game style.

I all ready Searched the forms for this but the search didn't work for me.



25 Sep 2006, 22:02
Ive made a pretty exciting kind of Shopping style which i bluntly call 'Mystery'
Best played with 3 teams of 4 worms each, on medium to small maps like:
Re-Submission (Best map to play with), Building Site Sabotage (1st map on list), Destruct And Serve, Joust, Tin Can Wally, Unsporting Behaviour, Hold Until Finished (i cant remember all map names, but basically maps where u can reach anywhere just by jumping)
it requires these wormpot settings:
Dim-Mak (after modifying the crate chance of the prod)
Crates Everywhere
Super Clusters (optional)

most of the settings are on default except:
turn time is 60 secs
round time is 25mins
worm health is 100
mine timers are random
full objects
sudden death by slow water rise
mine factory is on
as for crate drop chance...
1 bar each for Mystery, health and utility
and fill up the rest for Weapons

set all weapons to zero manually...
then modify the crate chance of getting the weapons by putting all to full except for the following few:-
Prod - 1 bar
Bubble Trouble - 1 bar
Tail Nail - 1 bar
you can reduce optional powerful weapons like
Banana Bomb, Air Strike, Holy Hand Grenade to like 2 or 3 bars...
but i recommend the other weapons crate chances to be set to full or it will be boring.

modify the delay by setting all the weapon delays to zero

thats it...
enjoy a game of frantically trying to collect weapons while avoiding random mines while deciding whether to go greedy or to start killing some worms quickly. also, the alluring temptation of mystery crates can add flavour and variation to this game play. of course, when its time for Mine Factory to spew out its deadly mines, each team should pray for none of the mines to land on their worms. the game will only get spoilt if someone gets a Sentry Gun very early in the game, but thats extremely rare.