View Full Version : Firepunch Bug?

24 Aug 2006, 06:10
not sure if anyone else has experienced this

but im pretty sure firepunch hits the enemy worm in a low height/low distance arc and damages about 30hp.

but ive seen a firepunch that flies as high as a baseball bat and does about 70++hp.
and no the player doing it did not collect any utility crate containing double damage...
i played a game with my girlfriend to teach her how to play and she did it to my worm as well....she just said she went straight to my face and pressed fire

24 Aug 2006, 11:22
If bug effective, you must use it...

I know, how make 60 hp, using Firepunch. You must go straight to face of the worm, stand on it, see to gorizont & push fire kee...
But it's not always working...
...Oneday computer worm take 100 hp, using firepunch.
Excuse me for my english! I'm not good in it.:)

27 Aug 2006, 12:38
Did you have any wormpot settings on?

28 Aug 2006, 08:23
Did you have any wormpot settings on?
No, I din't, Plasma.

5 Sep 2006, 07:11
woah thats kwl! Thx dude!