View Full Version : need help with starting worms

5 Jul 2006, 18:42
I have already installed worms forts, but when i am starting it it needs half a minute to load and when there stands that i should press any button i do that and suddenly the window is away and there is only the desktop.I do not know what i should do.:-/
please write back!!:)

PS: i am only 14 and i am coming from austria. Don`t wonder when there are some spelling mistakes!:D :o

6 Jul 2006, 22:34
sounds like your computer doesnt have enough ram. Try shutting down every program you can and then try running the game...hope this helps

7 Jul 2006, 09:21
Thanks i will try it:D-i have tried it, but we have 512 mb ram and thats enough.
it must be something others
a tip:the worms have multiple pupils, when it is loading

8 Jul 2006, 21:38
i have solved the problem:
I have downloaded a new driver for nvidia fx and then it worked