View Full Version : Pointless but fun - Tweaked Weapons

27 Aug 2005, 14:42
Tweaked weapons are pointless, they ruin the strategy of the games, take away the skill element and can seriously overstretch your CPU if you overdo it...

But they're just so much fun!!!

My favourite is to tweak the range and power of the sentry gun so that it can shoot holes in walls and any worm that even looks like moving gets put into orbit in a hail of bullets - just try not to have any of your own worms in the way! Combine that with a Concrete Donkey herd that can flatten an island in one shot and you've got a real revenge kit to releave your tensions from some of the trickier missions.

Possibly a bit too powerful for normal play but fun all the same once you've finished the missions and got the kitchen sink. Who knows, we might just stumble across a new super weapon for W5.

21 Nov 2008, 11:01
Yeah.they are VEEERY fun indeed.i tweaked my zooka to deal 100 damage,send 10 supersheep on impact and allowed it to detonate when i pressed FIRE. they are super fun.just make sure you dont overdo it cuz the cpu can use the tweaked weapons too(unless ur playing MULTIPLAYER wit urself).

by the way ur right,a new super weapon for worms 5