View Full Version : Wormnet scheme problem

12 Apr 2013, 20:15

I couldn't find more suitable forum for this topic, so I decided to post it here...
Also, I'm posting here, because no one from support has anwered any of my emails.

Here's main content of my most recent email, which describes the problem.

There is a serious problem on Wormnet. Namely, for some time (since 22.03.2013) it is impossible to customize scheme on Anything Goes channel of Wormnet, thus it is impossible to do that in any channel (since only Anything Goes had such ability). Current fixed scheme in this channel is very strange and totally unplayable.

After looking around a bit, I decided to use tcpdump. I found out, that all scheme data for every channel is fetched from here: http://team17.com/gamespy/web/leagues/schemes/ . Unfortunately, game is trying to parse this file for Anything Goes scheme: http://team17.com/gamespy/web/leagues/schemes/anything_goes . It may seem surprising, but after all - game successfully parses it for scheme, which, as I said, is very weird (for example 2500hp per worm).

Problem is pretty serious since players cannot choose their own schemes (Anything Goes is the most popular channel). I found out that solution is easy - removing this file does the trick.