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21 Feb 2013, 13:21
Whats the story with no body wanting to rematch me lately?? Even when I lose! Is it my level that scares them off? Mid 30s isnt really that high a level is it? I dont go overboard on the power weapons either, Is it coincidence or are other players who play random battles noticing the same thing??

I admit it is fair gameplay and understand why if they were beaten, but when they've won? Am I really not that much of a challenge? :/ Its annoying not being able to settle the score and I call shenanigans on all those non rematchers out there!!

21 Feb 2013, 13:33
Hey Dingo, first, when your opponent doesn't have enough reinforcements they aren't able to play. I bet 25% of the time this is the case.

Also, people hurry some where and can't rematch. This is 5% of the time.

People who own you ( nothing personal ) don't want to rematch and want a bigger challenge. I think this is also 5%.

People just don't like rematchimg and are scared to lose, and automaticly lose there winning-streak proggress. They are waiting for an online bot so they can progress easier. 10%.

Sometimes, the laptop batery goes down or suddenly internet stops. 5%.

And some beginners, just want to stock up weapons before an match so immediatly go to the main screen. 10%.

So, when you count all that up, you get 60%. This means 60% of the people have an reason to not rematch.

Hope it helped,

Happy Worming!

22 Feb 2013, 10:00
lol Piki, nice maths!! take the 1st 25% off the list cos the cross comes up automatically when you are out of reinforcements, so I know this is not the case, and I usually only get owned by beginners when the game starts with 2 or 3 worms right on the edge, lol ( or if I drank an extra beer with dinner). but yea I assume they are collecting rewards/stocking up with weapons, but still even today I only got 1 rematch from a high level player, not really complaining just wondering if it happens to everyone else too. (Im still calling shenanigans though)

22 Feb 2013, 11:36
Happening to me too, even though I don't use much heavy arsenal either, at least if the other one isn't using either. Usually highest weapons I use are mines and shotguns. Of course the thing changes if I start to lose. :D

But I find it unpleasant that when the other one decides not to rematch, I immediately start to look for a new opponent and get the same guy. For their plus side, most of them plays the whole game, but some of them just surrender right away. That's why I usually wait some time (like 10-15 seconds) before going for random opponent again.

Then again I'm always ready to play with opponents again, even if I lose heavily, because it's just so much fun start a new match immediately than trying to get a new one. Especially when there are those connection problems every now and then.

22 Feb 2013, 15:01
Hehe, Thanks Dingo. I forgot to tell that the other 40% doesn't have a reason, but you already knew that from the context, I think.

Anyway, I don't realy like rematching, but I do wait for the opponent to decide. If he wants a remacthc i will rematch 85% of the time. Sometimes when I see people are getting killed in the first game heavily and use then his big guns, I will just exit fearing he will use only premium weapons next match.

And please don't grt me wrong I realy love a good match, but with good match I mean skillfull and not with Homing missle, Sno-ming missle and Armapuddin.

Well have best of luck with Shenenigans ( whatever they are :P ) and I will rematch more often now.