View Full Version : Founder's Hat?

8 Jan 2013, 15:36
I've noticed this pop-up when I loaded the game yesterday but couldn't find it ever since - is it going to be added to the shop or something? Why would you advertise something you can't purchase anyways? Slightly confused over this. Thanks for any replies in advance ;)

EDIT - on a related note, I also tried to charge my credits using a paysafecard for these hats. The card is charged with a bit more than 8 Euros but I cannot buy the amount of credits for 7.76 Euros as paysafe seems to ignore the 10% off and wants to charge 8.69 Euros anyways. You might want to look into that.

8 Jan 2013, 16:18
Hey Thurbo. The hat you saw might have slipped through the net. I'm sure you'll find out more about it in the future! ;)

With the money problem you have, unfortunately we don't have any control over this. All we do is set the prices. I'm afraid you'll have to chase Facebook/paysafe about it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help with this.


11 May 2013, 17:30
Anything yet? I noticed there are in-game screenshots with worms wearing that thing, quite mysterious.

12 May 2013, 12:48
well, they were released for at least an hour or 2 at one stage, shortly before this thread was posted I would imagine, unfortunately I didnt have any FB credits or enough worm cash at the time to grab one, but from memory they gave 100%xp and 30% coins, much like some christmas themed hats I got, but they did look cool