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19 Dec 2012, 16:51

That's right, Christmas has hit Worms on Facebook and the Worms are opening their presents early! We've got a plethora of new chrimbo content for you to enjoy over the holidays, so dig in and enjoy!

- 5 holiday hats!
- 3 wonderful weapons!
- 5 incredible island parts!
- 8 tantalising tasks!
- & a cracking Christmas background with yuletide incidentals

But that's not all...since itís still winter...IT'S STILL WINTER! That's right; all the Winter content is still available too! Send your friends some homing icicles with the Sno-ming Missle! Wrap up warm with the Trapper hat & earn a 50% coin bonus on all your damage! Give your Worms a snow man for their island! There's never been a better time to enjoy Worms on Facebook!

As well as this, we've continued to improve the game and have fixed loads of bugs and improved performance and stability issues, including;

Inbox: This now refreshes automatically every 15 seconds, so there is no need to refresh the web page in order to see new gifts, auto-defence battle messages and buddy requests.

Battle Buddies List: This will now auto-update soon after a player accepts your Buddy Request, so there is no need to refresh the web page in order to see that player in your Battle Buddies list.

We'll be taking a short break over the Christmas holidays and into the New Year here at Team17, so if we're slightly slower responding to bugs and forum posts, it's just because we're too full of turkey and Christmas cheer! Don't worry, we always read every single post written on here, so your issues/thoughts/comments will be heard, but please bear with us as we recover from our mulled wine fuelled days off!

Thanks for all your comments & support over the last few months during this Closed Beta, we really, really appreciate everything and the game would not be the same as it is today without your valued feedback. We look forward to working with you guys again in 2013 as we aim to take Worms on Facebook live and make the best game we can.

From the Facebook team and all of us here at Team17, we'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope you have an amazing New Year.

The Facebook Team

19 Dec 2012, 20:06
Merry Christmas fellas!

19 Dec 2012, 20:16
Do you know why I love worms facebook? It's because first of all giving this amazing threads to keep you up to date. And they realy listen to what people are saying, many things that team17 implented are origanaly from the people here.

Thanks for sharing such a beautifull game and listening to what we are saying.

( I think this is my third time saying thank you XD )

Merry Christmass team17!

19 Dec 2012, 22:28
Finally! I couldn't wait anymore for the updtate!

Merry Christimas!

Thank you, Team17!

22 Dec 2012, 16:34
OK, first, you forgot to mention main thing:

You cant anymore jump on other worm's head and shoot uzi, it will now hurt both of you at first shot taking 5 dmg each! Which is great fix!!! :D

Then, I love new combined hats giving both, coins and xp bonuses! :D

Weapons are lovely, tasks too, theme is great, all in all great one, merry Xmass and thanx for the all good work!

22 Dec 2012, 20:00
Thanks RuffKut, piki1802, brunu and Towelie... We really appreciate your comments and it's pretty uplifting when you tell us you like what we've been doing :)

Well spotted about the uzi, Towelie... Worms on Facebook is going through some final stages of polish which includes making sure things are balanced like the other Worms games as much as possible, wherever possible, while also keeping things working well on the smaller islands and keeping battles as satisfying quick-fire rounds... at least for now.

More things coming in the New Year, and we just can't wait to launch it all :cool:

3 Jan 2013, 02:27
lol, love the new winter look too, with seal showing on screen and that worm in canoe who is now frozen in ice block lmao! :D

3 Jan 2013, 03:29
This seal scared me a lot!
Great theme! It's a shame that xmas is over =(

3 Jan 2013, 04:22
The audio when the penguin appear is a little bit bugged, from my view point .-.

3 Jan 2013, 06:44
Happy holidays and >9k internets to all ;)