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16 Oct 2012, 18:15
SWF / Web 1.34.02 (Tues 16th Oct 2012)

Weapons Updates:
- Ming Vase damage increased, and XP Bonus increased from 200% to 300%.
- Battle Axe price reduced from 11 to 6 credits, and XP Bonus increased from 150% to 250%.
- Golden Bazooka blast radius increased.

Island Parts Updates:
- Medieval Shield reduced from 12800 to 4000 coins.
- Medieval Defensive Wall reduced from 100 to 50 credits.
- Hawaii Beach Hut reduced from 120 to 100 credits.

- Challenges have been disabled for now...
- New Challenges coming very soon!

Screen Transitions & Loading:
- Added spinning globe during white fades.

Background art:
- Added new generic background layers (sky, 2 parallax layers, sea) for Home, Friends’, Tutorial & Weapons Practice Islands.
- Added 'blueprint' background on Island Customisation screen.

Sending Gifts:
- The new “Send Gifts” panel now allows you to select only “Worms” playing friends.

Various bug fixes!

Thanks for all your comments & support!

The Facebook Team

16 Oct 2012, 18:30
We have a bug that is causing the Invite Friends panel to pop up at the start of the game far more often than anticipated. We honestly never intended to badger players with this, and it will be fixed asap tomorrow.

In the meantime, simply select the PLAY tab as soon as it becomes available, to continue as usual.

Sorry about that!

17 Oct 2012, 15:11
"Select all" option still selects the wrong people when in "Worms Friends" tab.

17 Oct 2012, 21:06
Cool! You guys are amazing :D