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20 Sep 2012, 11:00
Closed Beta testers! We've got an absolutely MASSIVE update for you guys uploaded today. Enjoy!

ver 0.0.138 : 19/09/2012 11:25

Beta Questionnaire Page (as seen by new players):

NDA removed – talk about the game all you like!

Battle Results panel:

Total overhaul!
Both players see the Battle Results panel even if one of them surrenders (and the surrendering player receives NOTHING while the remaining player gets some of their bonuses!)
1st AND 2nd place rewards added to tempt players NOT to rage-quit!
REMATCH button added so you can quickly battle again with the same friend or Random Opponent (if they want to!)
The whole thing animates much much faster!

Friend Panel:

Online/Offline/Busy status lights have been changed to coloured text, to be clearer to new players.

XP System Update:

We have scaled up the XP system, to fix the issue with small XP rewards which were not affected by the various % bonuses applied by different weapons & hats.

Weapons Shop:

Sheep added (between the Dynamite and the Baseball Bat!)
Instruction text panel added to the Weapons Practice Area (accessed via the TRY ME button).

Hat Shop:

9 new hats added!
All hats reordered according to Level unlock (lowest first).

Professor Battles:

Prof now tells you about the 30 second warning in the first Battle with him, to help new players.
The first few Prof Battles have his Worms health start at 25, 50, 75 and then 100 as usual after that, to ease brand new players into the game (existing players will have seen this happen too, even after player for a while!)

Interface Change:

Hat ‘equip’ icon now replaced by a paintbrush ‘customise’ icon, which then accesses the buttons to customise your Worms (in already) or your Home Island (coming soon!)


Added 23 new Achievements! Get cracking!


HOMEWARD BOUND and TOOLED UP tasks now have extra first sub-tasks, to try the weapons first in the Weapons Practice Area (if you’ve not already completed them!)


Challenges now unlock in sequence after completing each previous Challenge a specified number of times, rather than by Level; targets now animate smashing to pieces.

Various bug fixes!

As always, if you find anything you think might be a bug, or are having technical issues, please contact us at the BUG & TECH ISSUES section of the forum.

Enjoy the game!

The Facebook Team