View Full Version : ver 0.0.132 : 07/09/2012 17:12

7 Sep 2012, 17:48
There is a brand new build of Worms on Facebook for you all to play.

ver 0.0.132 : 07/09/2012 17:12

Version 0.0.132 includes the following;

New island objects for the Medieval theme, AXES! FLAGS! SWORDS!
New icon to access weapons menu
You can now try weapons before you buy thanks to the "TRY ME" button in the shop & the new training ground.
See which friends you have visited and collected items from thanks to the thumbs up
"You are here" when visiting friends
AI doesn't favour the firepunch any more
Fixed hats bonuses
Got rid of stress test pop-up post battle
Challenges only cost 1 reinforcement now, not 2.
Various AI fixes
Various syncing issues make a much more stable build
Results panel is quicker
And an unbaa-lievable new weapon is coming soon...

If you find anything you think might be a bug, or are having technical issues, please contact us at the BUG & TECH ISSUES section of the forum.

Enjoy the game!

The Facebook Team