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22 May 2012, 16:04
The Rules

Don't Spam. Spam is basically anything that's not to do with the topic of the thread or forum you're posting in. So, if you make an off-topic or nonsense post, it has nothing to do with the thread topic so is considered spam. Other things considered spam are:

One-word/one-smilie replies. The 10-character limit is there for a reason so try to make a constructive post!
Anything advertising anything where you get some kind of financial gain
Anything advertising anything that's not related to Team17 or their games
Posting the same thing in multiple places - one post in one thread in one forum is enough to get you noticed.
Random nonsense

Don't Advertise: Already mentioned above - Team17 pay to host this forum and don't really want you making money at their expense by advertising something on their forums. Such posts will be removed and you will likely be banned. If it's your own fansite, then you can post it in this thread (http://forum.team17.co.uk/showthread.php?t=34318), but it should ideally be related to at least one of Team17's games.

Inappropiate Language: When posting comments don’t use offensive language. We’ll tolerate mild swear words, but any messages that contain overtly obscene, racist, abusive or sexually explicit language will be deleted. While certain language and images may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that that same language and images may have a completely different effect on someone else

Backseat Modding: By this we mean demanding a moderator do something like posting "Will a Mod please lock this thread". Mods don't read every single thread and we don't really like being told what to do. If you want a mod to lock a thread or delete a post, please don't send us a private message, but instead click the "Post Report" icon beneath the offending post: http://forum.team17.co.uk/images/buttons/report.gif or http://forum.team17.co.uk/images/retropurple/buttons/report.gif

Please Write in English: You should write in a form of English that is generally readable - not text talk or "leet-speak". Many people here don't have English as a first language, so try to make it easy for them.
No Flaming: Don’t insult others. Don’t criticise anyone’s thoughts or opinions without being nice and explaining why you disagree.
NO PIRACY: Any discussion of obtaining pirate or illegal copies of software, particularly Team17's games is banned. This includes posting details (no matter how vague) of where to obtain No-CD cracks, illegal (ie: free) copies of T17 games and anything like that.
Don't Make References to Illegal Drugs/Activities: Such references will be deleted.
Artwork/avatar theft: Please don't steal someone else's avatar and use it without their permission - there are some default ones the forum provides to get you going.
No Reposting:If your thread/post gets deleted - do not re-post it. This just angers the mods even more and you'll get a shed-load of infraction points.
Resurrection: Please do not post in a thread that has not been posted in for over a month - old threads die for a reason and usually there is no good reason to resurrect one.

Also note that we have some additional "special" rules for the FanArt forum - these can be viewed here: http://forum.team17.co.uk/showthread.php?t=33405

Consequences of Breaking the Rules

So, what happens if you break the rules? Well, your posts will get removed and some infraction points will highly likely be issued to you. The infraction system is quite handy as it issues punishments which then automatically expire, so we can put you onto Being Watched or Banned statuses temporarily. And then forget about it and the forum will remove it for us automatically.

There are five levels of punishment that the mods/admins will dish out - some only apply to the FanArt forum but may be issued outside of the FanArt forum for more severe cases.

A Warning
No infraction points are issued, but you do get a nice little private message letting you know that your forum etiquette could do with being improved slightly.

A Small Infraction
A "couple of points" that will expire after about 30 days. If you earn more than 10 of these, for any crime, before they expire you will be automatically put onto a Being Watched status until your points total goes below 10. You'll receive a Private Message for each infraction.

A Large Infraction
This is generally only used in the fanart forum and is for those who constantly spam. This will put you onto a Being Watched status for two weeks (unless you already have some infraction points, in which case, it'll ban you for a short while). See below for what happens when you Become Watched.

A Huge Infraction
So, you just don't get the message. OK, we'll ban you from the entire forum for two weeks. This will also happen if you clock up more than 20 infraction points, and will last until the points drop below 20 (when you'll then be returned to a Being Watched status, until your points go below 10). In some cases, we may feel the need to ban you for longer.

A "The Mods are totally fed up with your blatant disregard for the rules" infraction
Permanent ban. 'Nuff said. You don't come back

What's a Being Watched Status?

You get a nice, snazzy usertitle that says "Being Watched"
Your avatar disappears (it will return when your status is removed). There is a small glitch where some users get to keep their avatars - if this happens to you, consider yourself lucky
You cannot create new threads anywhere in the forum, but you can still contribute to existing threads
You cannot post attachments (You can still use the IMG code though)
You cannot use the Private Messaging system at all, or send e-mails to other users via the forum
You cannot receive Private Messages from other users - they'll get an error message if they try to send one to you.
You cannot edit your profile, including signature and avatar.
You cannot vote in polls
You get a strange feeling that someone's watching you...

What happens when I'm banned?
Well, you can't access the forum at all, not even to read posts.