View Full Version : Battle Pack for W2A (iPhone in-app purchase)

24 Nov 2010, 08:11
How do you buy the Battle Pack for Worms 2: Armageddon, via in-app purchase? I can't see any link to it from within the app. Do you need to have completed a certain number of missions first?

25 Nov 2010, 04:12
I don't think so, it's right on the main screen under multiplayer, should be hard to miss since it has explosions going off around it. However, after getting it, I haven't been able to get a stable 3 player Bluetooth match, even though we are sitting next to each other, 2 4's and a 3G, but I am able to play against each seperatly, but stability is much lower than before I got it.

I'm sure you downloaded the app update first right?

25 Nov 2010, 08:35
I've got nothing there, just the single & multiplayer buttons. Currently using v1.01

Also, on the stats screen in team edit and under multiplayer, for the team I use all the time, everything's zero.

25 Nov 2010, 21:14
That is also pretty weird, but I think the patch may have reset the stats, since I have played more games than is listed, although it does only include multiplayer iirc.\

Also I just noticed that the Drill Sergent hat is just shortened to Drill Serge, looks odd.

25 Nov 2010, 21:26
I never owned the game before the update was released, so it seems even stranger that my stats aren't updating.. Both symptoms occur on iOS4.1 and 4.2 (upgraded today).

Unless it only includes Bluetooth/wifi multiplayer?

25 Nov 2010, 22:06
I think hotseat is included.

26 Nov 2010, 00:40
Well, I am officially ****ed off, incredibly. After completing mission 24, I saw that my gold level was only at 40, when it should have been 290, then I noticed the Battlepack icon had disappeared, and all of my saved data is gone, and to make it even worse, the game no longer recognizes that I purchased the battlepack, since the icon returned after rebooting, but it wants me to purchase it again, but none of my saved data came back. I am not happy with this at all.

Edit: well I managed to restore the battlepack, but still no saved data. Damn.

Edit2: Odly enough, the game shows a completed time for mission 24 and the forty, but to continue I have to make a new team and start the entire campaign again, grr I was so close to having everything unlocked.

26 Nov 2010, 14:12
If you play it again, try to avoid the unlocking bug: After completing the last mission, don't buy the left items in the store, buy the unlockable campaigns instead, otherwise you'll never be able to play them. For some reason there's not enough money to buy everything in the store.

19 Dec 2010, 20:06
I bought the game (I believe it was you Thurbo who recommended it to me) and it's pretty good. Physics are different and makes the game fresh and different than the big brother Reloaded/2 Armageddon. There's boomerang, which is obviously missing from Reloaded (although there are Boomerang related files in the steam worms folder)!

I was wondering, should I buy battle pack? I heard there are some problems with internet play for people who have it? I really love playing a couple of matches in my bed before I fall asleep.

20 Dec 2010, 14:49
I was wondering, should I buy battle pack? I heard there are some problems with internet play for people who have it? I really love playing a couple of matches in my bed before I fall asleep.

Online works just fine for me, I haven't heard of these problems, so I can't tell what happens if you buy it...

Apart from that, and if money doesn't matter (well it's not too expensive anyway), I totally recommand the Battle Pack. The new weapons and forts are absolute fun for multiplayer, as well as the new customisation features (There are Darkside and Lightside speech banks, that are not even in Reloaded! lol) and the themes from the first worms on iPhone.

Additionally, the Warzone campaign is pretty good, unlike Worms Reloaded there are a lot of fun and challenging deathmatches.

23 Dec 2010, 21:16
Was this problem fixed for you, as I do not have the option to buy the battle pack in app purchase for worms 2 on my iphone either?