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24 Nov 2010, 06:51

can somebody help me with this puzzle plz?
I have no idea how to get this mine down to the worm to kill him just with this magnet and the girders?

Thank you!

27 Nov 2010, 10:49
Normally I'd say go figure yourself, but I just remembered this puzzle is (kinda) a little buggy.

If you tried getting that mine rolling across the huge platform on the right, it exploded on the way to the worm, right?

I think it's because if mines don't come to rest in multiplayer games, the game wouldn't go on, so they explode after a certain amount of time.

Place your girders like this before you use the magnet. Don't worry if it doesn't work the first time, just do it again.

30 Nov 2010, 09:28
To show you what a noob I am I tell you what my problem was:
I never used a magnet before (or I can't remember doing it) and I didn't know that I can switch the color from red to blue. The level's a bit difficult to master without switching!
OMG - I'm playing Worms since WWP so I'm not really new to the series... Sad but true.
Anyway - thanx for the help! :-)

15 Dec 2010, 23:24
can someone please help me solve puzzle 15 where you have to move the mines i tried 100 times and couldnt solve it

27 Dec 2010, 02:25
App, how did you do puzzle 14? I'm having trouble with that one too (as well as 15).

28 Dec 2010, 21:44
just remenber that in none of theses puzzle you need to aim accuratly if you noticed that you ll manage to complete them
the one with the sheep and the buffallo the last one I think drove me crazy but as the other ones you dont need to do do something difficult

29 Dec 2010, 00:34
I am a happy to see i am not the only one....

I hate puzzle 15 arrrrgghhhhhh.

29 Dec 2010, 14:53
HELP. I need help in puzzle 11 (15 is easy)

29 Dec 2010, 20:51
HELP. I need help in puzzle 11 (15 is easy)

I assume you never played Worms Armageddon? ;)

Rope knocking

29 Dec 2010, 23:05
I figured the puzzle 15.

Start where there are 2 mines close to each other. Teleport your worm as close as possible to one of the the mines. Place the worm just outside the ground. Then it will at down but still activate the mine.

Take it from there....:p

31 Dec 2010, 00:27
Yeah, after a few tries I eventually figured it out on my own.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

27 Jan 2011, 15:16
hey , could anyone give me a hint on puzzle 22 and/or 23 of worms: battle island puzzles??

26 Mar 2011, 02:47
awser to puzzle 15 telaport your worm under that little cove in the inclosed mine the rest u should figure our from there

CPT Jibran
2 Dec 2011, 21:55
hy did u have video of Puzzle 9?... plz post the video.. if you can..