View Full Version : Alien Breed Impact Space Hulk mod ?

11 Jun 2010, 20:33
That would be huge !
Please Team17 a Space Hulk mod for Alien Breed Impact !


Thank you for that great game,
I wish you the best,


13 Jun 2010, 02:20
The licenses won't be cheap. That would either be a paid DLC or an entire different game.

19 Nov 2010, 11:19
Too bad the editor was disabled in Alien Breed - we'd do the mod ourselves if it weren't.

21 Nov 2010, 16:02
Developers/Publishers don't normally make mods themselves because they're too busy with making the main games.
Plus, it'd be very hard to get licensing rights for a Warhammer 40,000 thing. Not impossible - some license-holders don't mind this sort of thing - but still unlikely.

Besides, Space Hulk in real-time isn't that great. It only works when turn-based, grid-based.