View Full Version : AB impact - will there be a retail release ?

5 Jun 2010, 11:19
Is Alien Breed Impact ever going to be released outside of steam as retail (box or digital download)?

8 Jun 2010, 15:59
You don't want to sell your game?

Really, i'm liking it and i'd like to direct some 's towards the developers' pockets.

It's just that i'd prefer to circumvent steam.

Even if it's steam only - sad but i'm going to make an exception;
i won't buy without prior clarification though;

8 Jun 2010, 18:14
It would be cool if T17 put out the whole trilogy on a DVD once when all 3 episodes are released and put something a little bit ectra in it. An old-school big cardboard box for the packaging of the game would be cool as hell also!

11 Jun 2010, 06:23
A retail release is unlikely. Team17 have been moving towards 100% digital distribution. We probably won't see a retail release for a while, if at all.

As for other digital platforms like Impulse or Direct2Drive, I've no idea.