View Full Version : Alien Breed: Impact PC Demo Issues

29 May 2010, 00:24
I posted this information on the comments section in the official Alien Breed: Impact steam group. However, I wanted to know if anyone else who downloaded the PC demo is having these issues.

I am currently having two situations where the game will crash to the desktop

If you use the keyboard arrows to change the mouse sensitivity in the options menu.
I get a "You have unlocked XXXX achievement. Please purchase the full game to unlock this achievement." I am unsure of the exact wording of this message but it pops up right after you open a door with a keycard.

Both of these will crash my game and I cannot finish the demo because of the second one. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any fixes? Team 17, do you have any ideas?

System Specs:
Win 7 Ultimate x64
6 Gig DDR3 1600
Intel Core i7 940 @ 4.00 ghz
Nvidia GTX 480
Auzentech X-Fi Forte (This has XRAM which might be causing issues with the unreal engine)