View Full Version : data error (CRC) on re-install windows vista

10 Apr 2010, 00:43
I have two separatly purchased games of Worms3D, I have installed and played each of them on all of my new computers, (at least 5 different computers w/ XP , only this newest is Vista), I have had to re-install the game a few times because of in game glitches, annoying yes, but it always worked, until now. ..... This time , same glitch , would not progress to next game , so I un-installed , but this time it will not re-install , with either of the separate software (both worms3D) , on my computer (vista) , or my nephews (an older w/ XP ) , nor a friends also w/XP,, EVERY attempt comes the same error : Feature Transfer Error , Program Files , Componant : New Componant 2 , File : f:\data3.cab , Error : Data Error (cyclic redundancy check).........After reading up on the specific reasons for this error, not any of it makes any sense, nor is there any answer or fix,,,, that I can find,, P.S. : my newest computer is only 9 months old,, ,, but how cann it be a disk error, w/ two separate sets, or a computer error on 3 separate computers and 2 different OS's ??? :confused: