View Full Version : Stuck on level 1

24 Mar 2010, 18:03
I may be pulling my hair out for no reason but I need help.

Im stuck right outside of a door that appears to be cracked open and then shuts very quickly. It seems inside this room is where I need to be and there are 2 windows next the the door to the right but I can not see how to enter this room.

THe waypoint on the radar shows I need to be in here and I beleive this is right after the mess hall key card is obtained and I took the card to the circuit.

I can see human survivors in the room but can't get to it.

Any help would be fantastic. DOn't know what Im missing... HELP!:rolleyes:

25 Mar 2010, 08:44
There should have been a help tooltip which popped up when you got near to that room that gives a huge hint as to how to get into it... Good luck!

28 Mar 2010, 11:34
Ok, I got stuck on this for a while when I got the game... try shooting the glass, it should break, and walk in.