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1 Jan 2010, 03:49
Hello. I'm new to this site and to the "Worms Blast" game.

I am trying to install this game onto a computer where I am administrator, and the installation fails under autoplay or setup.exe.

When I try to setup the game, I get the following error message, which I've never seen anything like before. It looks like a Windows error message: "Setup failed to launch installation engine: Access to %1 has been restricted by your Administrator by policy rule %2." I have no idea about policy rules, but I've installed other games on this computer without a hitch. It is a 64 bit OS with a phoenix chipset and the laptop is made by Lenovo with an Intel processor.

I get the first graphic screen from the game and click on "install", and that's when it wants me as adminstrator to allow the installation, which I do and then I get the error message above even though the 'installshield wizard' is all ready to go down in the bottom right of my screen. I don't understand this 'administrator policy rule bit at all. If I understood it better, mabe I could go change some setting, but I feel the error message isn't correct, but I'm not sure.

Any help you could give me will be gratefully appreciated.

Austin, TX

9 Jan 2010, 22:13
If Windows 7 has some sort of UAC (User Account Control) related program, i would turn it off, unless you need it on.