View Full Version : New worm control problem with latest update

31 Dec 2009, 16:24
Has anyone else found that when trying to control your worm, if you press the very egde of the screen, the worm only performs a back flip?

I have had my worm on the edge of the screen, trying to trun around and blow torch into the rock. I wasnt able to turn round, i was back flipping the whole time. :(

31 Dec 2009, 17:21
I had noticed this a couple of times since upgrading to Version 2.0. I've noticed it's more of a problem when you take a long shot that lands on the other side of your map and you try to move your worm in retreat time.

13 Jun 2011, 15:35
I've found that it becomes hard to control your worm when it is near the edge of the screen as any touch at the sides causes a leap or backflip instead of a move. It is also hard to grab back the crosshair if it appears off screen.

14 Jun 2011, 12:01
Hm, I've never had any problems with that. Probably because the solution is so simple: either move the camera or zoom in or out. If your worm is out of the screen then, you can tab anywhere to center the camera.