View Full Version : Stuck?

24 Dec 2009, 05:03
I am really enjoying this game but I am stuck on the end of the second level, the one wher you have to work with the surgeon to help survivors. How do I get to the elevator??? I just passed this part where a huge bug is running after me and it smashes into a wall and gets electrocuted.I see the indicator for where I need to go but cannot get to the elevator. Is this a glitch or am I lost??

24 Dec 2009, 17:32
Off-hand, I would say that you're just lost. I was lucky enough to get through that part first try, but it is a bit of a maze that you have to rush through.

I don't know specifically where you're stuck, but there might be a small hallway or door that is difficult to see. Just go slow and rotate the camera to get a better view.