View Full Version : Dec 22 - WormNET Down Again :(

22 Dec 2009, 20:26
It's been going down a lot lately, it seems. I hope this isn't a sign that we'll be losing our precious WormNET for good!

It's OK Team17, we still love you.

I can connect to... alternative servers, which I'm not sure if I'm supposed to name here or not, as I'm unsure of their legitimacy... But that means that it's not a problem with my internet or anything.

It's 2:25 PM Central, Dec 22.

If anyone else is experiencing similar problems, sit tight and hopefully they'll be back up soon.

EDIT: It's 3:05 PM and I'm now able to connect, there seems to be a normal number of users, so I'm assuming it was a very short outage, or no outage at all.

Worm on!