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26 Feb 2009, 03:04
Hi! As you probably, I' have played Worms since years.. from the 2D like Worms Armageddon to the 3D like Worms 3-D.

I enjoy a lot Worms Forts but when you reach nearly 90% of the game and you had to format the PC.. it's frustrating play again to unlock everything.

I haven't made a copy of the SaveGame.xom.. yes I did it with Worms 3-D but I would like if reach 90% -or even better if you unlock the 100%- to send me tehe SaveGame.

From now on thank you if you can help me :D

27 Feb 2009, 19:04
Click here for a save (www.letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=worms+forts+under+siege+100%+save)

1 Mar 2009, 23:09
Ok thank u! Could it be easier for you I think... but if there is a forum where there are a lot of people who may be "play" Worms Forts.. well lets go to search at Google friend.

2 Mar 2009, 10:08
I might have a savegame with 100%... Will post it in the afternoon

14 Mar 2009, 15:46
Oops...Totally forgot :o

It's not 100%, but 94%.....