View Full Version : Lemmings for iPhone

10 Feb 2009, 16:21

Are there any plans to release Lemmings for the iPhone?

10 Feb 2009, 16:41
Team17 don't own the Lemmings IP, Sony do. Therefore Sony would have all the say in whether or not Lemmings comes to the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Team17 are however planning to release worms on iPhone/iPod Touch so it is entirely possible that given this, Sony might get them to do a Lemmings port. But then again Sony may not want one done!

12 Feb 2009, 18:05
no chance of that happening. Although the touch controls would have been perfect for a game like lemmings, as far as i know sony has NEVER released a game of a franchise they own, somewhere else exept playstation platforms, excluding some pc mmo games. Sorry. No chance for this one...

1 Mar 2009, 00:40
The controls would be perfect for lemmings, The Homebrew port of lemmings on the DS which uses the touchscreen is one of my fave DS games, so this would of been awesome if they were going to put it on the Iphone.