View Full Version : trip around world arrow

21 Nov 2008, 01:53
I used lowgrav and go with a girder very high.when the wind was good, I shot an arrox with 45 upper incline.after some time it desappeared on the horizon.but after some minutes the camera palce changed,and the arrow was coming in direction of it.it come back to the island(but didnt reach it)

21 Nov 2008, 12:46
Hm. I never tried that. I'll check it out next time I run W4.

....yes, this was totally not a random word to say here!

29 May 2009, 18:36
UM...I`ll try it.

29 May 2009, 21:22
On recollection, I never actually tried it. Pity that my comp is currently undergoing repairs now though.