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11 Jul 2008, 05:34
I'm hoping this forum is still watched by somebody. I recently bought a new hard drive and was unable to download Worms Forts again (I had bought the download version, but have no idea how to download again without paying again), so I decided to just buy a hard copy. The installation went just fine, but when I try to start the game the initial loading screen crashes and a new pane shows up on my tasbar with the WF icon and the title "Protection Error."

My systems specs:

Windows XP Home, Service Pack 3
Intel Q9300 (2.6 GHz)
GeForce 8800GT (yes, the drivers are updated)

I'm also a US customer, is there a compatibility problem between the British CD release and US computers?

Metal Alex
8 Oct 2008, 22:39
After reading that title, I thought you left someone pregnant.

And after this stupid comment, sorry, can't help you.