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9 Jul 2008, 16:37
I was playing WASO last night with the "Captain" accent on, and was very pleasantly surprised to hear some famous Zapp Brannigan quotes as I ploughed through the level, including such classics as "You win this time, gravity!" and "I thought we were.... good friends?". Can anyone spot any more, and tell me where they came from?

I know there's at least 2 more Futurama quotes in there, let's find them all!

9 Jul 2008, 20:04
Yes, the entire game is a take-off of sci-fi TV shows and films, and considering Futurama is too it's logical that some characters would be very similar. I'm not sure whether that voicebank intentionally had Brannigan quotes or, more likely, whether it's a case of being suggested by a Teamster who learned the joke from Futurama without realising it.