View Full Version : Worms Forts: Post your fort here.

6 Jun 2008, 21:03
This is basicly A competition. [Of sorts.] The Idea is that you Show off an Image of your coolest fort/Weapon. After The 3rd of july, I will make a poll of the first 10 entries, and You may Vote for your favourite. You may want to show your most powerful fort, Or you may want to just show That you never realy have built much, and just have one worm standing around idly.[Funny= Votes!] Anyone is free to enter. Even I Could enter![Though I may choose to not include my one in the poll if others have shown many forts.] I hope you enjoy doing the competition. However, If this thing Fails to take off, I will just let it die. So start doing a screenie! You may include dialog If you so wish. I will allow photoshops, but most of the screenie must be of WF:US.

How to do a screenie:

A] Start Paintshop pro 7 or some other image program, then start WF:US
B] When in the desired position, press Ctrl, then Alt, and finaly, Print Screen, at the same time to get your screenshot.
C] Exit forts and open PSP7/ Whatever program you are using. Paste image.
D] Save your image and add as an attachment onto a Team17 post. do whatever. Example: