View Full Version : 4th planet help please

15 Apr 2008, 15:02
I cant figure out the level where there are two black holes, I tried blowing a hole to reach them but you only get 3 bombs and it takes to each. Theb I tried to make both worms onthe same side and that didnt work either.please help me. Thanks

16 Apr 2008, 21:37
If it takes two each hole then it means you aren't pushing down on the 'detonator' fast enough. Practice a bit more.

[Tip: if you've forgotten how to use a weapon, press (2)]

17 Apr 2008, 02:19
I didnt know pushing down on the denator at a ertain time mattered.

17 Apr 2008, 22:26
Not at a certain time, but the speed you move the WiiMote after pressing B to detonate it.

19 Apr 2008, 16:56
this is the most frustrating level. after i eventually figured out i needed to basically slam the wiimote against the couch to get a big enough hole with the detonator (thanks for the instructions on this team 17... ~ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snark_(punctuation))), i still can't get the astro punch to punch forward accurately enough to get both worms in the holes. the majority of the time it just upper cuts. after the 30th time playing a level and messing up, the risk of putting down the game entirely goes way up. its not even that hard a level, it just really emphasises the problems with the controls... which i thought were pretty good before this.

thank you for reading my rant. good day.