View Full Version : Achievements?

30 Mar 2008, 12:39
I finished single player mode getting all the crates, finished all the tutorials, beat the computer in each versus game at the highest level, and there isn't anything more to do. I expected to unlock some new weapons, or new levels, but nothing. . . .

With no guides or support online for this game, I'm wondering; is this it? Does anyone know if there is anything more to do?

30 Mar 2008, 15:14
Well there is the versus mode. The worms games were never well-known for their singleplayer missions.

31 Mar 2008, 11:44
Sadly no, there is nothing more. Once you beat the story mode... that is it. It took me under 2.5 hours if that. And most of that was fighting the darn "camera" to see around the screen.

So yeah..... that is it. Shocking huh? I thought I would have unlocked more missions, more planets, more weapons..... anything. But there really is nothing. Lame seems like such an understatement.

Don't get me wrong. I love the worms series. I have played and own every worms game released. But this one is complete trash.

Even the xbox 360 worms game.... which is like what.... under $10 to download has more to offer. More missions, more weapons, better achievements, better multiplayer, downloadable content, and online gameplay.

Team 17 expected us to pay $50.... for what? Seriously, it is lame. The xbox 360 worms game is a $10 online download. Which has tons of gameplay and online mode. But a wii game on a disk has nothing at all. I would have expected just the opposite.

Edit: heck even the playstation 2 worms games and the original xbox worms games were $20 and they had a huge amount of gameplay and most of them had online multiplayer. But a "next generation" worms release that cost us $30-$40 more, has under a fraction of what was included in previous worms games.