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11 Mar 2008, 08:12
hi there i have got a problem when running worms 3d if i play against the cpu,when its my turn the game runs fine but when the cpu plays the game it judders on and off like someone pressing pause and play untill the worm fires his weapon then runs fine again i thought it was graphic probs so i just installed geforce7600gs with 512mb ddr2 im running an agp board everything is running at top notch all downloads are upto date ive tried all i know please help me anyone ty

12 Mar 2008, 20:20
What speed processor are you running? How much RAM do you have? Does your computer actually meet or exceed the minimum specifications?

As an experiment, try reducing the screen resolution you're using and see if that makes any difference.

12 Mar 2008, 21:16
i have a sempron 2800+ 1g ram and everything i run is over spec needed i have run game with screen res to min and even run at 60ghz but still with no luck

13 Mar 2008, 18:01
That always happens to me, but my PC is 7 years old, so just ingore me :p

What speed is your processor? That's probably what's slow, because the 3D Worms' AI is so complex, because unlinke in, for example, first person shooters, they have to take the whole landscape into account which can theoretically be any shape, and they have to take into account every possibility (collect crates, get to safer ground, attack one of many worms with one of many weapons etc etc