View Full Version : a disk problem

17 Feb 2008, 00:01
ok i bought worms 4 of amazon and i have ALL of the system requirements
and it doesn't work on MY computer only the other computers can you help

17 Feb 2008, 09:07
What exactly happens when you try to run it? Nothing at all? Does it get so far and then give a message?

25 Feb 2008, 16:16
Are you using WIndows Vista? If so you need to EXCEED the stated requirements by quite a large amount for it to work. You need to have at least double what it says on the box for it to work on Vista. HTH.

25 Feb 2008, 17:46
Okay, what are your system's hardware components? Or at least any other information? Because I don't think we'll be able to determine your problem just from the way you capitalised all the letters in the word 'my'.

25 Feb 2008, 19:38
As everyone has already asked, what are your system specs? It may also help if you update your Graphics Card and Sound Card drivers.