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11 Feb 2008, 22:47
YO! it be me, wormZ yo, and i may have a suggestion for the game, i'm not sure about it, but it might change the face of the game, but it's just a suggestion right?

in stead of one worm at a time, why not all the worms go at once? not all fire at once, but i mean something sorta like the 'Specialist Worms' fortpot option, two worms fire Tower/Keep/Castle/Citadel Weapons and one repairs but only has a bazooka, and another can build with no attack abilities.

it would all go down like this...
Player 3 starts the game but while he goes, your team presets or "programs" your worms to do certain things

Example: Worm 1 goes to a tower to fire a weapon at player 2.
Worm 2 goes to build another building.
Worm 3 goes to repair a certain building.
Worm 4 goes to collect an object.

i was thinking about it alot, and i thought "OY! NUTTA!" the i thought "Hey, maybe the player would want to play as a worm and do things along side his/her soldiers" so, maybe there can be a fifth worm, if not, you program three worms and play as one. there are still plenty of questions in my mind, but i'm sure we can discuss those questions.

Thank you

11 Feb 2008, 23:40
This can be done actually, on a 1on1, put three teams each with different colors, first player puts the first three teams with one worm each, second player puts the remaining 3.

12 Feb 2008, 00:01
really, wow! you just made my day!http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/4448/smiley6xa6mp9.gif.