View Full Version : A bug?

26 Jan 2008, 05:24
Hey everyone, I *think* I have just found a bug.

I generated a small landscape (Camelot, code 3651335800), included 2 worms from different teams, set the HHG as my only weapon and set the wormpot mode to Super Secret Weapon, 2X damage and Super Explosives.

In the game, I dragged all of the barrels to the enemy and went a distance away. I placed a Bubble Trouble a distance away and went to my enemy.After dropping a HHG, I scampered, went into the Bubble and stood on the machine.

After a massive explosion and seeing my enemy fly into the horizon and explode with a bang, I realised that the ground (specifically the WHOLE landscape) and Bubble Trouble machine my worm was on was gone, but he was standing in mid-air (he was smiling too).

Sorry if you all have tried this before and posted it.

26 Jan 2008, 09:12
Sometimes this happens, and the worms appear to be standing on thin air. Nobody knows why this happens!:)

10 Feb 2008, 22:34
Yeah that happened to me once with Kilburns Meteorite. I editted it to destroy an entire level but its cool. Then the enemy shot me down with a bazooka. (What are the odds, that he hits me directly?)