View Full Version : Worms constantly moving right (PC version)

31 Dec 2007, 16:24

I have installed Worms 3D onto my PC but have been unable to play it properly. Every time i start an actual battle, the worm starts off moving right. you can move it around using the WASD control, but if you leave the keyboard alone the worm just moves like the 'D' is being held down.

I have tried playing after restarting my machine and after reinstalling. I have also applied the latest patch to try to resolve this issue.

I have tried to look for a solution on you forum but haven't had any luck, please supply a link if there is already one.


1 Jan 2008, 21:19
Ah, I think I recognise that. You haven't got a gamepad or a joystick plugged in by any chance have you? If so, unplugging it should fix the problem.

If not, I'm afraid I don't know.

3 Jan 2008, 11:34
Cheers - had my joystick plugged in, all ok now :)