View Full Version : SecuROM ?? I Paid for the game!!

22 Dec 2007, 19:51
Hi, I just brought worms 3d (can take pic of receipt if you doubt me).

I installed with original cds, start.. and i get that "your using and iso/image" securom error..

I install service pack 2, still get the error.

Im not using an iso, i do have ultraiso, and vmware installed but i even try disabling all my virtual drives, vmware is off.. what can i do??

Im running vista ultimate on laptop, intel 940gml, 1gb ram, 1.6ghz intel celeron m...

I don't want to have to go getting no-cd patches for something i paid for.. please help.

I did visit the link the error gave but other than telling me to unmount an iso im not using it was useless.. can't find the error log file it suggests anywhere in my worms directory.

EDIT: ok i have now found a no-cd hack for your game (1.073), but i don't want to use if it means i will lose sounds/music?? HELP

EDIT2: RESOLVED... My bad, maybe you should prompt a restart after install, i didn't even think about it. Its working after reboot but now im getting port 5911 maybe blocked error online.. mmm off to serch for answer..